CK Projects 2017

Artists from various backgrounds are welcome to use our space & facilities to realise their ideas in Clay. We offer advice, technical support, & guidance for any project anyone would like to explore. Sharing knowledge and learning from each other is one of our biggest goals. Experiencing what people make around each other at CK allows for endless possibilities and inspiration to grow.

Lindsay Lawson, 2017, NOPE, at Gillmeier Rech Berlin

Keegan Luttrell, Armour, 2017, at DISPLAY

Tomas Espinosa, Zwischen Uns / Between Us, 2014 - 15

Zoe Kreye, Make Our Own Air, at SPACE Mare Street, 2017

Isabella Fleur Marie Strong, 2017. Ceramic lamp bases with interchangeable "lampshades" made from various culinary and agricultural byproducts. Powered by lemon (or potato) + copper + zinc