Kiln Firing 

Our large Rhode electric Kiln is available for independent projects. Kiln shelves are 54 cm wide, interior height is 62 cm. Regular Studio Firings occur 2-3 times per week. Our Bisque temperature is 980 degrees Celcius (Cone 06) and Glaze temperature is 1220 degrees Celcius (Cone 6).  If your clay/glaze combination fits these temperatures, you can simply drop off your pieces to be fired in our next round of Studio firings. If you would like to fire to a different temperature, you can book the entire kiln and program it to suit your needs (up to 1300 degrees Celcius). 

*Kiln generally available with one week notice.*

Firing Costs: €5 per Kilo, per firing. 

Entire Kiln: €55 for Bisque / €65 for Glaze firing. 

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Kiln tomas_3_1_3.jpg
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